Friendship Firefighters - How to halt friendship conflicts in its track

This program is halting friendship conflict in its tracks. When this teacher realised the girls in her Year 4 class needed serious help navigating... read more...


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6 ways to protect your privacy online

If you prefer that companies not know absolutely everything about you, here are some ways you can protect your information and limit the amount of tracking by advertisers.


The rising dangers of fatty liver disease

Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker is warning that the number of children diagnosed with fatty liver disease could double over the next decade, with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) already the leading cause of chronic liver disease in kids.


Vax on time, every time

Here's an app to help you keep on top of your kids' vaccinations and make sure they are up-to-date.


Teaching Music to all Children

What can kids who aren’t interested in music gain from music lessons?


Goodbye #TechnoGuilt

Research says 50% of parents worry their kids spend too much time online. Are you one of them? Don’t be, says children’s technology expert, Dr Kristy Goodwin. Her tips point the way to a guilt-free techno-life.


Happy Mother's Day!

We're a couple of days early, but we want to take this chance to say Happy Mother's Day to our beautiful readers. We honestly believe that one of the best things about motherhood is the other mums. And we feel super lucky to be in such amazing company.


New resources for women with endometriosis

Do you suffer or know anyone who suffers from endometriosis? Not-for-profit organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health have recently made available a range of online educational resources, to help women deal with this often chronic condition that affects their reproductive organs.


Let's go to the movies

Add to your family’s ‘FFMB’ (Fond Film Memory Bank) with the Sydney Film Festival 2017 program.


The dangers of eParenting

CHILD magazines' Digital Editor Barbara O’Reilly wonders how many parents have stopped to consider the dangers presented by leaving a child to navigate the digital world, unsupervised and without guidance.


Playing Freely

The health and wellbeing of children is intricately linked to play.


Hair loss after pregnancy

No hair, don't care. It's normal to lose hair after pregnancy (one of the many perks of giving birth!), but if you're feeling self-conscious, here are some tips on how to get back that volume.


Join the Vaccination Debate

There’s no debating that vaccinations have become a hot topic in modern parenting; in light of this, The University of New South Wales are inviting Aussie parents to join the conversation and have their say.


Four tips to help you survive NAPLAN

Children face more daily pressure than ever before with statistics revealing roughly 1 in 10 Australian kids are suffering from some form of anxiety disorder. Here are four ways you can help reduce the pressure in the lead up to the NAPLAN tests.


Help children tackle anxiety with this program

By the time they reach adulthood, one in five Australian children will have experienced an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. This world-renowned Australian psychology program is helping our kids tackle anxiety.


The Many Ways Music Lessons Benefit Your Child

From building important brain functions, relieving stress and helping children develop socially and academically, to letting your child discover their potential and unleash the superstar within; there are so many benefits of music lessons.


The Great Australian E-Parenting Survey

Calling all parents: what do you think kids are doing online and what supervision do we need to impose on their activities on social media? Fill out this short survey to go into the draw to win a copy of Raising Your Child in a Digital World.


What can you do to prepare your kids for jobs that don’t even exist yet?

Reasons why you should stop asking your child what they want to be when they grow up, and what parents can do to arm this generation with the skills for jobs that don’t even exist yet.


Links between physiotherapy and scoliosis

Physiotherapy can be very effective in managing scoliosis, according to Margarita Gurevich, Senior Physiotherapist at Health Point Physiotherapy.


Baked Bean Brekkie

A healthy morning fry-up for baby and the family.


What we want most for our schools

We ask four Australians what they want most to better our schools.



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