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The giveaway is now closed. Read our reviews of all 12 titles below. 

We have exciting news. You know how much we love books, and we know how much you love books, and we all know how much we love our readers, so we’ve teamed up with Dymocks to give one lucky winner 12 of our favourite new-release books. We’ll be revealing each title (with a review) one at a time, over the next 12 days.

Scroll down for more information on how you can win the giveaway, and don’t forget to visit this post every day so that you can see what the next book is!

On the first day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend

nevermoor-coverPeople love adventure and magical worlds – especially when the hero is an underdog. That’s why it came as no surprise when this book achieved the biggest children’s debut in the Australian market since records began. Nevermoor is about Morrigan, who is unloved because she is “cursed – destined to bring bad luck to all around her until she dies on her 11th birthday.

However, moments before she’s about to die, she is whisked away to Nevermoor where she has to compete to join the prestigious Wundrous Society. Full of magic and mischief, secrets and surprises, friendship and enemies, Morrigan must find a way to pass all the trials (or die).

The first book of the series, this is one all lovers of fantasy and adventure will adore. You can buy it here for $12.99

On the second day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… No one Likes A Fart by Zoe Foster Blake

no-one-likes-a-fartIt may true that no one really likes a fart, but for some reason, kids love joking and reading about them. In this cute book, Fart is looking for a friend but everywhere he goes, people seem to cringe and scrunch their nose. Young children only beginning to read will love this book – especially if that means grabbing any opportunity they can to say the word “fart”!

You can buy it here for $14.99

On the third day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me…
Dr Boogaloo & The Girl Who Lost Her Laughter by Lisa Nicol


What do you do if you lose your laughter? How do you get it back? This is exactly what happens to Blue, a young girl who has not laughed for almost two years. Obviously, an unusual illness requires an equally unusual doctor, and that’s where Dr Boogaloo comes into the picture.

Dr Boogaloo specialises in unique cases and he treats his patients with perhaps the most powerful medicine known to mankind (maybe second only to laughter, actually)… Music! Can Dr Boogaloo compose a cure for Blue or is her laughter gone forever?

A bit of a slow start, this story eventually picks up and explores interesting ideas such as friendship, the power of music, overcoming challenges and the importance of diversity and individuality. You can buy it here for $19.99

On the fourth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… Have Sword Will Travel by Garth Nix

have-sword-will-travelReminiscent of the legends of King Arthur, this book is a medieval, fantasy adventure about two friends (Odo and Eleanor) who stumble upon an ancient, talking sword. By finding this enchanted sword (named Biter), Odo instantly becomes a knight and he and Eleanor are thrust into a quest to save their kingdom.

This book is a fun read, full of interesting characters, epic challenges, dragons, curses and friendship. The book is surprisingly funny, with a good mix of adventure and ordinary life (if you can call learning how to wield a sword ordinary). Even older readers will enjoy this one! You can buy it here for $14.99

On the fifth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… Paddington’s London: The Movie Pop-Up Book by Michael Bond

Paddington's-London-The-Movie-Pop-Up-BookPack your suitcases, grab your passport and take a journey through London with Paddington Bear in this cute, collector’s edition pop-up book. Each page takes readers around the best parts of London, where classic monuments literally pop up out of the page. From the Tower Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral and all the way to Number 32 Windsor Gardens, this beautiful book allows you to explore Paddington’s city from the comfort of home.

P.S. See if you can spot Paddington Bear in all the pages! You can buy it here for $35

On the sixth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me…
All The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater

All-the-Crooked-SaintsBicho Raro, Colorado is a place for owls and strange miracles that draw them. People travel from far away to meet the Soria Saint and receive a miracle. The first miracle is that each pilgrim’s hidden darkness is made clear in very strange ways. The second miracle is that this darkness is then healed and ultimately banished, but in order for this to happen, each pilgrim must confront his or her darkness alone. The Soria family, who watch over the miracles, are forbidden from interfering (directly or indirectly) otherwise they will suffer terrible consequences.

This book is magic. It’s great for fans of realistic fantasy, brimming with complex yet lovable characters and peppered with beautiful moments. Fans of Stiefvater will recognise her lyrical writing, full of atmosphere, world building and softness. You can buy it here for $19.99

On the seventh day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Rome by Katrina Nannestad

the-girl-the-dog-and-the-writer-in-romeFreja is not your average child. She has spent nine months of each year exploring the world on expeditions with her zoologist mother. But this year is different – her mother is ill and has to go to Switzerland alone for treatment, leaving Freja with a writer named Tobias and a dog named Finnegan. Tobias isn’t used to having a child around, and Freja isn’t used to people at all; but they end up finding themselves on an adventure that takes them to Rome where their bond develops (but not without glitches, of course).

A fun read, this book is a lovely story about friendship, family, travelling and identity. You can buy it here for $16.99

On the eighth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

this-mortal-coil-featureIt has been two years since a deadly virus swept the planet, and two years since Cat’s father was forcibly taken to create a vaccine for this evolving virus. Since then, Cat – a brilliant hacker – has been struggling to survive…until one day a soldier appears and tells her life-changing news: her father is dead and she is the key to decoding the vaccine needed to save the world.

Although a bit slow at time and a love triangle that is often seen in post-apocalyptic trilogies, this book is filled with intriguing world-building, endless action, seemingly neverending plot twists and characters who you’ll grow to love! You can buy it here for $17.99

On the ninth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers

here-we-are-coverThis is a beautiful picture book that, on surface level, is an introduction to our wondrous planet written for newborns. However, scratch the surface and you’ll see it’s also a great reminder for older children and adults of not only the wonders of our world and how to take care and make sense of it, but also that perhaps one of the greatest wonders of our planet is us – humans! It has the perfect balance of humour, kindness and calmness; and the accompanying illustrations are gorgeous. You can buy it here for $24.99

On the tenth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

moxie-coverBasically, this book is about a bunch of girls who team up to protest sexism at their school. It’s got an interesting plotline, compelling writing, a sweet romance and well-explored characters, but the driving force behind this book is its incredibly relevant, non-stereotypical exploration of feminism. Mathieu definitely touches on a lot of different topics that fall under the feminist umbrella, and she even dips her toe into intersectionality.

There is a good representation of male characters as well, in case you were wondering. Although you may think the main takeaway from this book is feminism, it’s actually a great book to encourage teenagers to share their voice and be empowered. Their voice matters, no matter how small it may seem. You can buy it here for $16.99

On the eleventh day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

the-magic-misfits-coverAs a child, I enjoyed A Series of Unfortunate Events and this book gave me serious Lemony Snicket vibes. I think it was the writing style, the omniscient narrator and the sense of fun injected into the otherwise very serious plotline. However, rather than following a trio of orphans outwit their conniving uncle, we follow a colourful cast of young magicians try to expose a villainous magician to save their town.

Full of magic tips, adventure, secret messages and tricks, younger readers will love this book. Plus, it’s a great reminder about how magic is real because it is found in love and friendship. You can buy it here for $16.99

On the twelfth day of Christmas CHILD Magazine gave to me… The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell

wizards-of-onceThis book is set in a world where Wizards war with Warriors. There also used to be Witches, but the Warriors wiped them out. We follow the story of a young boy Wizard named and a young girl Warrior named Wish. The thing is, although a Wizard, Xar has no magical ability and although a Warrior, Wish has a magical object that she has to hide. The two characters one day meet, and find themselves on an adventure together.

Although both are brave, the two main characters are very different but they compliment each other – making reading their adventure very fun to read. The writing is easy, at times funny or gritty, with the right amount of depth; plus some illustrations by Cowell herself. Children and adults alike will love this one.

You can buy it here for $16.99

Dymocks is giving away a fabulous book pack (valued at $245), comprising of 12 new releases (read our reviews above).

The winner is Jaimi Layt, of Rothwell (QLD).

Entries closed 13 December 2017 at 10am.

Daisy Chein
Daisy Chein