How is everyone today?

Personally I am totally tenderised. It sounds dramatic but the whole back-to-school thing has knocked me for six.

I’m sure that I will get in the swing of things but being a school mum is no joke! Both my kids started in new places this week. My daughter in big school (sob) and my son in a new preschool. And all I can do is marvel at how flexible and resilient kids are. They really are incredible!

How can someone who has been on this earth for less time than my leather jacket (which I consider still a recent-ish purchase) adapt to a new school, teacher and group of friends so easily?

I take a week off work and come back feeling a bit rusty on the old keyboard. The struggle is real.

My daughter has had one, and only one whinge this week. Apparently every other kid in the whole school gets fairy bread in their lunchbox every day. EVERY DAY! Incredible, right? How could she be so unlucky as to land in such a dud family.

Anyway, please enjoy all the back-to-school content we've been writing. Even if you’re not quite at the school stage yet, there’s something for everyone - from an introduction to our February issue, free lunchbox notes to print and put in your bento box, to our interview with Meshel Laurie and 6 dresses that can help you slay - no effort required.


Happy reading,

Babs (Digital Editor)

Image by: Little Miss Bento

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