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Jonas Dowson, an 11-year-old boy from western Sydney, published his first self-illustrated book, Meteor Man, last month.

Jonas Dowson is a long-time fan of superheroes such as Spider-Man and the Hulk, who inspired him to create the Meteor Man character and storybook.

Meteor Man is about a man called Jones who is hit by a falling meteorite while going for a run. Meteorite liquid transforms Jones into the hero Meteor Man, who can turn into a ball of flames. Using his newfound powers, Meteor Man defends his city from evil robots.

"I like looking at illustrations in comic books," says Jonas. "One day I started drawing and writing for fun.. Fire was the first idea I had, then I combined it with a man to create my character. I wanted to keep my own illustrations for the book because I wanted Meteor Man to be just like I pictured him in my mind. Every time I have an idea, I write it down and draw it straight away."

It's no surprise Jonas cites art and writing as his favourite subjects at school. "What I like about writing is that you can make up any story you want in your imagination," he says. "I like to draw what's in my imagination and to create my very own characters and show the images in my mind."

Meteor Man is published by American company Xlibris, part of the Penguin Publishers Group, and Jonas has been invited to promote the book at the Miami Book Fair International in the US this month. His second story will be published next year.

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