A November Calendar Just For You

Would you like a cute November calendar? We have put together this sweet illustration that you can download for free and use on your gadgets.

Today I was reminded that there’s only a little over 6 weeks until Christmas.

When it dawned on me, my outside reaction was to smile and say, “Oh wow, so soon!”. But on the inside, I was panicking. After all, there are gifts to buy, holidays to organise, menus to plan, cards to be written… Do you know a simple way I could’ve avoided this situation?

By having a calendar right in front of me every time I opened my screen.

So here’s our early Christmas present to you, to help you get organised for the upcoming holiday season in style. Because even though everyone has a Calendar app on their phones, saving you 60 seconds of having to unlock your phone, search for the Calendar app and open it up is the best we can give right now. And with 2018 creeping up on us so soon, every minute counts! Scroll down for the download links!

Desktop 1 / Desktop 2 / Android / iPad / iPhone 5 / iPhone 7

Daisy Chein
Daisy Chein