Enabling Miracles For Those In Need

Real Insurance has partnered with Miracle Babies Foundation to develop NICUchat, enabling parents to connect with a social support community.

Every year in Australia, around 45,000 newborn babies require the help of a special-care nursery or neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). To help support the families of these newborns, Miracle Babies developed an app NICUchat, funded by Real Insurance, which facilitates ongoing communal support to families by putting them in contact with other parents going through the same experience. Due to the sensitive nature of the topics, NICUchat aids those who may not have the courage to speak up about their personal concerns and experiences.

Since 2005, Miracle Babies Foundation has been developing resources to support families as they go through challenging pre and postnatal experiences.

How does NICUchat work?
NICUchat allows users to create an account and search for others to connect with at any time in a private and secure environment, without having to share too many personal details. The search option allows users to find and chat to other mums and dads based on their state and baby status (eg: pregnant, in hospital, at home).

Hobart-based mum Naomi had a challenging experience when her son Jeremiah was born in January last year, resulting in a congenital diaphragmatic hernia and 64 days in hospital. “I knew from 20 weeks that my son may not survive, and no matter how many supportive friends and family members you have around you, very few really understand what you are going through.”

How do I get the app?
NICUchat is available for download through iTunes for $2.49, and is compatible with IOS devices. A portion of the proceeds go towards the Miracle Babies Foundation.

How can I get in touch with Miracle Babies Foundation?
The Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureLine is available seven days a week and is a free family support helpline catering for families facing challenging pre and postnatal experiences. Call 1300 MBABIES (1300 622 243). Additional information on the app and the Miracle Babies Foundation can be found via the website www.realinsurance.com.au.



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