Join the Vaccination Debate

There’s no debating that vaccinations have become a hot topic in modern parenting; in light of this and recent government requirements such as No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play, The University of New South Wales are inviting Aussie parents to join the conversation and have their say.

The School of Public Health and Community Medicine at UNSW is conducting a new study to determine parents’ attitudes towards vaccines and vaccination policies. Whether you’re planted in the for or the against camp - I think we can all agree that informed discussion of vaccination is imperative.

If you’d like to join this vital discussion, visit this link

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2017-05-14 09:44#
No, I have to stop you right there.
There is a valid debate, as the safety of vaccines has not been established. Not ever. They tell you the science is there but when you look for it, you can't find it. I am a former vaccine supporter and after seeing firsthand how ineffective they can be I have also learnt how unsafe they are. Kids literally are dying directly after vaccination and this is never seen on the news, why?!
Those who read peer-reviewed studies and who study books published by Doctors who are screaming at the top of their lungs to be aware of the dangers are called quacks and extremists? Some of the most educated people I know are very sceptical of the long list of concerns. My personal observations are those who are opposed to vaccinations are the ones who have been personally affected, where as those who support them are the ones who only recite what they're told. Where there is smoke there is fire.


2017-05-12 11:30#
What an irresponsible heading... there is no 'vaccination debate' to join. That would indicate there were two equal opinions worth hearing out and considering.
While we are at it, let's join the 'feeding your child debate'. The government recommends it, but some parents think it is optional. Air can be considered an appropriate replacement, according to some 'breatharians'.

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