Chill, Thrill or Upskill: The Hot List of Extracurricular Activities

In our February 2017 issue, we write about the benefits of extracurricular activities; such as how it can help kids build new skills, forge friendships and minimise screen time. Research also shows that kids who participate in a variety of activities perform better at schoolwork.

Here are some more fabulous ideas to add to those we listed in our February print edition…


Tiny Tutus (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT)
18mths-5yrs. Ballet classes for pre-schoolers.

Baby Sensory (SA)
0-4yrs. A wide variety of activities to stimulate all of your baby's senses.

GymbaROO (National)
6wks-5yrs. A physical movement for babies.

Forte School of Music (National)
Music classes for children of all ages

Mini Maestros (VIC, WA)
6mths-5yrs. Music classes for babies.

First Five Forever (QLD)
Ideas you can do at home to play sing, read and talk to your children from the State Library of Queensland


2-8yrs. A sport-based school readiness program.

Bounce KinderGym (VIC, QLD, SA, WA)
3-5yrs. Gymnastics incorporating trampolining.

Little Kickers (National)
18mths-7yrs. Football skills for kids.

BJP Physie (National)
3yrs+. Dance for girls.

Kindy Karate (VIC)
3-5yrs. Karate for beginners.

Cali-ACT (ACT)
3yrs+. Calisthenics-based dance for kids.


Little Devils Circus (VIC)
Teach essential life skills – perseverance, resilience, concentration and interpersonal

Point Break Drama Acting School (NSW)
7yrs+. Acting classes for children

Canberra Youth Theatre (ACT)
7yrs+. Theatre company for children

Jirani Singers (QLD)
5-14yrs. Choir school for children.

Flava Dance Studios (SA)
4yrs+. Street dance for kids.


Cutie Pies Baking School (QLD)
2yrs+. Learn about food hygiene, kitchen safety and basic maths.

Sewing Spot (NSW)
7yrs+. Sewing classes for kids.

Relish Mama (VIC)
6yrs+. Cooking classes for kids.

Canberra Potters’ Society Inc (ACT)
5yrs+. Pottery classes for kids.

Nest Studio (SA)
3yrs+. Art classes for children.

Image by: Markus Spiske

Pick up the February 2017 issue of CHILD Mags to read the full article titled "Extra! Extra! Read All About It"!



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Nicola - Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic

2017-02-27 11:34#
Looking for some activities to engage your child after school and on the weekends? Here's some inspiration!
Wondering whether your child may be overloaded with too many activities outside school? Read "Chill, Thrill or Upskill: Overload Warning Signs" at

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