The Many Ways Music Lessons Benefit Your Child

Calling all parents of children who love Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. So, er, all of you.

From building important brain functions, relieving stress and helping children develop socially and academically, to letting your child discover their potential and unleash the superstar within; there are so many benefits of music lessons.


According to the NSW Department of Education, kids who study music from a young age perform better at a range of subjects such as maths, science, arts and language; their creative thinking, motor skills and active listening skills are developed; their health, wellbeing and stamina increases and they learn vital lessons about hard work, practice and discipline.

Key findings from an American study revealed that music students from low socio-economic backgrounds were twice as likely to excel in maths compared to students who didn’t study music.

Drew Dunphy, Company Director of Dunphy Imports, also stresses the importance of music in a child’s development and its positive effects on both sides of the brain.

“The overall balance between the left side of the brain and the right side is much more symmetrical… In music, you not only need the logical thinking required in learning musical structures and compositions, but also the creativity, rhythm and emotive expression present in most popular music pieces,” Drew explains.

A father himself, Dunphy reminds parents, “In all forms of life and parenting we want our children to be the best reflections of ourselves. Music and especially guitar for kids will help them develop and hopefully become exactly that.”


With this in mind, a great option for children is learning the guitar. Often a daunting instrument for beginners, Loog Guitars were developed to overcome just this. They are a simplified version of the guitar with only three strings, instead of the standard six.

It is perfect for:

  • Children who are just beginning: Having only three strings enables the formation of basic chords by holding down only one or two strings at a time, allowing songs to be picked up quickly and the child want to continue learning.
  • Children who want to teach themselves: The Loog Academy is a free interactive app that perfectly accompanies the Loog guitars, teaching them to tune their instrument, play chords and play alongside some of their favourite songs.
  • Children who eventually want to move on to a full-sized guitar: The three strings on a Loog are tuned to the same notes as the first three strings of a full sized instrument. The Loog application and book also teach the child to use the correct finger placement for each chord, so anything learned on a Loog can be applied seamlessly to a regular six string guitar.


These are not toys; they are fully functional instruments designed to last a lifetime. They are just as fun for an accomplished player as a beginner

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to stock Loog guitars or for further information.

Available now in selected music shops and children’s boutiques and from the Loog website.

All images and infographic provided by Loog Guitars. (Psst! If you want to see behind-the-scenes footage of this adorable photo shoot, visit their homepage and scroll to the bottom!)

For more information on LOOG Guitars and their products, visit their website.

This is a sponsored post by LOOG Guitars



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