Teaching Music to all Children

In an information rich world where Aussie kids can learn just about anything they want, why should we be teaching music to the ones who just aren’t’ interested?

We ask Nicholas Tester, Head of Strings, The Scots College what he thinks all kids can learn through music - regardless of their existing skill level or future musical aspirations.


Social and emotional wellbeing

“While we may spend many hours practising and mastering our own instrument, the best memories of making music are always of making music with others, as an ensemble. The best engagement always comes when something is shared.”

Tester believes that joining a musical ensemble is akin to joining a community and any situation in which a child can make friends, share joy and learn from their peers is beneficial to their emotional wellbeing.



“Ensemble playing is more than the sum of its individual parts. Playing in an ensemble allows students to develop team skills, sacrificing one’s ego to benefit the team.”

Non-verbal communication, teamwork, balance, and etiquette are all skills that can best be learned in a group setting, he says. Musical rehearsal and performance situations provide the perfect environment to develop and practise these skills.


Following direction

The ability to follow direction is a fundamental life skill, he says. “To be part of a musical ensemble, students need to interpret and respond to the conductor’s gesture and other means of communication.”

“Music engages children’s imaginations and fosters creativity through experiential learning opportunities. These opportunities guide their investigation of music as a form of self-expression both for individuals and in teams. We firmly believe that there is a place for music in every life, and that creative, tangible music-learning experiences are life changing.”

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