Kids & UV Light: What you need to know

In a study, co-authored by Australian eye surgeon, Dr Shanel Sharma, 29% of children aged 9-11 years old were found to have eye damage from the sun’s ultraviolet light (UV). This early eye damage is associated with eye diseases, including blindness, later in life.

Kids are prone to this UV damage because their eyes have not yet developed natural protective mechanisms – therefore they’re absorbing more UV light than adults when they are outside and unprotected.

“In Australia, it’s well documented that we have a significant number of people with UV-related growths on the front surface of the eye, called pterygium and pingueculae, compared to many other parts of the world,” said Dr Sharma.

To help counter this problem, Dr Sharma and another Australian eye surgeon, Dr Alina Zeldovich, (who both also happen to be mums), have created their own range of sunglasses for adults and kids. Beamers sunnies incorporate Optishield Technology, which includes four vital components for maximum protection – including UV 400 lens protection and polarised lenses.

See their website for the kids’ range – you’ll recognise them by their animal-themed names.

This article first appeared in CHILD Mags February 2017 issues



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