Lights by DreamWorks Comes to Australia

There aren’t many things anymore that you can label as an ‘Australia first’ experience – so the fact that DreamWorks will be bringing a new exhibition to Australian families this April is pretty exciting!

Taking inspiration from the traditional Chinese lantern festival, Lights by DreamWorks is an interactive walkthrough exhibition of over 100 of DreamWorks’ most beloved animated characters – as large-scale lanterns. The likes of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Alex the Lion from Madagascar will leap into your kids’ lives as mammoth illuminated figures!

The exhibition, which has only been previously seen in Chile and London, will be staged on the Rosebud Foreshore on the Mornington Peninsula. As well as enjoying scenographic pieces, LED furnishings and themed technology, families can get involved in learning zones, immersive cinema experiences and there’s even an animatronic dragon to really wow the kids!

“It’s very exciting to be able to bring our wonderful lantern experience to Australia for the very first time. We’re looking forward to seeing eyes young and old light up when they experience our large scale illuminated characters in such a beautiful part of Victoria,“ said DreamWorks Consumer Products Country Director, Jo Pascoe.

Lights by DreamWorks is set to run from 25 March to 30 April and you can search dates and buy tickets on their website.

This is a sponsored post by DreamWorks



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