Got to Parent? There's an App For That

Baby-ing is hard work. And there’s no denying that it can play havoc with your ability to function. We know that you know there are great apps out there, ones that will legitimately make your life easier and more fun. But who has the time or energy to find them? So as our gift to you, we have wrapped up 13 of our favourite apps for people with little people. Go get your phone (if you can’t find it, look in the fridge) and get downloading.


Like a Tinder for mums, this beautifully designed app helps mums meet like-minded friends without leaving the house – or even having a shower! Huge in the UK, it now has 8,000+ users in Oz and growing. It connects you by baby’s age, lets you ask questions (“Anyone got a spare baby-carrier?”) and matches you by interest (the top three are ‘wine’, ‘chocoholics’ and ‘multi-taskers’ – no surprises there). It also keeps you feeling loved and informed with ‘Guides’, short articles written by mums for mums for a non-judgemental take on everything from breastfeeding to when it's okay to start drinking.

Free / Get the app here


Feed Baby

Trying to remember when and from which side your baby last fed can be harder than it sounds. Feed Baby allows you to log your newborn’s breastfeeds, along with sleep and nappy changes, so you have an easily accessible log to refer to when you can’t recall a thing.

Free / Get the app here



So maybe your baby won’t be creating art for a while, but bear with us. This app lets you chronologically store, share and print your child's artwork or schoolwork, so you don't feel guilty about throwing away anything your kids bring home. It’s obviously great for its intended reason when the time comes, but with a baby, you can use it to record cards, information sheets and all the random handouts you pick up in those newborn days.

Free / Get the app here



All you need is a smartphone, good light and this app to get dreamy film-style pictures of your new baby. It is the chosen editing app of the Instagram elite, and for good reason. The filters are unbeatable. Perfect for shooting little toes!

Free / Get the app here


The Wonder Weeks

Lots of parents swear by this bestselling baby app. Based on a book by the same name, it’s lauded as a total lifesaver for parents trying to understand their babies’ development. It’s a calendar explaining what brain development is occurring when, and why some weeks your baby is fussy, sleeps poorly or eats less.

Apple $2.99, Android $1.99 / Get the app here



New parents tend to go a little paparazzi in those early days. This app lets you stamp all those gorgeous pictures with beautifully crafted artwork and personalised text. Great for recording your baby bump week by week, creating announcements and generally doting over your bub via social media.

Free with in-app purchases / Get the app here


Baby Monitor 3G

Baby monitors are great, and you don’t need to tote them around anymore. This app is a universal video and audio baby monitor that lets you hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe your child remotely. All it requires is two devices. One stays in the child’s room, the other stays with you. Easy.

$5.99 / Get the app here


SitR Circle

Finding a babysitter is hard! This app enables parents and babysitters to connect. It’s like an Uber for babysitters, but it only matches you with babysitters who have been recommended by friends and family.

Free / Get the app here


Love Your Leftovers

This cooking app minimises waste by matching the perfect recipe to your leftover ingredients, and it gives you the tools to plan and shop in a more efficient way to avoid food waste.

Free / Get the app here


Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the only certified app for contraception. Using just this app, your smartphone and a thermometer, you can track your cycle and ovulation. When used correctly, it’s reported to be more effective than the pill – but without all the hormonal side effects.

Subscription-based / Get the app here


ABC KIDS iview

It’s amazing how many parents haven’t heard of ABC KIDS iview, a video on demand app for preschoolers brought to you by the ABC. All the content is free with no ads, and familiar to any child who watches the channel. Perfect for entertaining older siblings during feeding snuggles.

Free / Get the app here


Mind the Bump

Smiling Mind and beyondblue have teamed up to create a Mindfulness Meditation tool to help individuals and couples mentally and emotionally prepare for becoming a new parent. Its tailored exercises aim to support you from day one of pregnancy through to 24 months after birth.

Free / Get the app here



If you’re into colouring-in, but have found yourself with fewer free hands than before, this adult colouring-in app will keep you entertained during those long feeding sessions – or when you find yourself trapped under a sleeping baby. It features lots of designs from well-known artists and is surprisingly addictive.

Free / Get the app here

apps are available on iPhone and Android, except for Adorable and Lake, which are iPhone only.

Image by: Mikaela Shannon

This article first appeared in CHILD Mags June 2017 issues



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