Homeless-family Numbers Growing

Single_mother_with_two_children_standing_with_bags_in_the_streetA growing number of homeless people seeking help are single parents and their children, according to a new report by the Wesley Mission.

The report, Homelessness and the next generation, says almost one third of people receiving support for homelessness are families, mostly single-parent families.

Wesley Mission CEO Rev Dr Keith Garner, says the number of homeless families is expected to grow in the coming years. "Wesley Mission staff have seen a seismic shift in the face of homelessness – from an experience largely defined by single, older men to one where women, families and children are now a sizeable representation," he says.

The report also says families are the most likely group to be turned away from homeless services. "It is vitally important that homeless families get speedy and easy access to stable housing. It is also necessary that governments build more appropriate housing designed for families," says Dr Garner.



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