How Music Will Bring Children Across Australia Together

In a world that is now often divisive and full of so many sides on a single issue, it’s nice to be able to find something that brings us all together. This year on 2 November, that something will be music.

A lot of people say that music is a universal language. It has the power to transcend cultures and language barriers, as well as evoke feelings and memories in ways that not much else can do. Now, more than ever, we need reminders of all the similarities we share, despite our varying backgrounds, schools, locations, abilities, families, etc. That’s why we love Music: Count Us In.

Music: Count Us In is Australia’s biggest school initiative, where students across the country will sing the same song, on the same day, at the same time. Students across Australia from Bendigo to Bourke, Dubbo to Darwin and Halls Creek to Hobart will be participating. There are also Auslan and Braille resources available, so everyone can get involved.

This year’s song is “Shine Together”, which was collaboratively written by five students across Australia with Program Ambassador John Foreman OAM and Program Mentor Taylor Henderson.

The reason behind the program is to remind schools and parents about the values and benefits of teaching music.

If you want your school to join the more than 3000 schools that are already registered, visit their website. Below is a sing-along video of the chosen song.

Date: 2 November

Time: 12.30pm

This is a sponsored post by Music Australia.

Image by Namroud Gorguis

Daisy Chein
Daisy Chein