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Kim Richards
Editor-in-Chief of CHILD Mags, childmagsblog and this website

Kim has worked in the Australian and UK Media for over 20 years; in print, digital, radio and TV. She has several tertiary qualifications in the fields of humanities, education and media communications. In 2016, now a mother to three school-aged children, and with a decade of curly parenting challenges under her belt, Kim decided it was high time she melded her greatest strengths, passions and experiences – motherhood, media and education – and joined the CHILD team.

In her spare time, all five minutes of it, Kim reads widely, runs infrequently and tidies incessantly. Perhaps her greatest personal achievement was in 2012 when she completed the 100km Sydney OXFAM trail with “a team of hard-arse mums” (crying just once and) surviving with the loss of only three toenails. She has also completed the City to Surf “without walking, ever!” and slogged the Sydney Coast Trek in possibly “the worst weather in the history of the event.” Kim has volunteered on a number of school-based committees and projects, and would someday like to finish just one of the many books she has started writing.


Barbara O'Reilly
Digital Editor of childmagsblog, this website and CHILD Mags' social media channels

Before joining the team she was a professional freelance-blogger and toddler juggler. Barbara has a BA in Literature, Theatre and Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, a Master of Arts in Journalism from UTS, and two kids aged five and three. When she’s not at work, you can probably find her updating her life & style blog Patchwork Cactus, hanging out at the beach or chilling at home with her little family on the NSW Central Coast.


Natalie Ritchie
Features Editor
 of CHILD Mags

She looked for a job that let her fly around the world first-class and stay in five-star hotels for free, and found it as a PR consultant in the tourism industry. Next she spent four years getting paid to eat, sleep and criticise, as a travel guide author, then went on to realise her secret ambition to be an Indiana Jane with a M.A. in Egyptology. Now mother to a 10 and 11-year-old, she loves discovering, writing and sharing real mothers’ stories at CHILD.


Jenna Templeton
Digital Content at, this website and CHILD Mags' social media channels

She has worked in the media biz for five years previously, working on kids and parenting titles inlcuding: Mother & Baby, Cosmopolitan Bride, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, and freelance work for various publications such as Girlpower and The Australian’s Women’s Weekly. Jenna is passionate about all things handmade and enjoys putting her crafty skills to use on the CHILD Mags website. Other interests include photography, digital design, zines, op shopping and watching '80s and '90s cartoons and TV shows from her childhood.


Lana Al Habl
Sub-Editor + Features Writer of CHILD Mags, childmagsblog and this website

She is a creative word lover with over six years experience in PR and Editorial, specialising in copyediting and proofreading, content writing and media relations support. She worked Ogilvy PR across the internal comms, government relations and B2B space before venturing out into the freelance world and eventually finding her way to Copeland. She's a massive supporter of Literary Culture, volunteering as supervisor and author liaison for the past seven years, leading volunteer teams at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.


Daisy Chein
Group Calendar Coordinator + Editorial Assistant of CHILD Mags, childmagsblog and this website

After writing for young adults at CLEO and teenagers at DOLLY, working at CHILD for parents (and children!) was the next logical step. When she's not in the office or on the train, you can be sure to find Daisy either crying over a book she has just finished, considering her next travel destination, freelance writing, singing along to Disney movies with her nieces and nephew, online window shopping, eating a pizza or running after her dog.




James Love
Creative Director of CHILD Mags

Having grown up with publishing, communication (in particular visual communication) has been a strong passion of James’ since he was a child. After spending all his spare time as a youngster drawing, detailing miniature figures and messing about with MS Paint, he decided to follow a career in Graphic Design. James has been with Copeland since 2010 and graduated from Billy Blue in 2013 with a Bachelor of Communications: Applied Design.

Outside of CHILD he runs a creative freelancing business, sticks to a strict routine of gym and eating (5 meals a day down to the minute), and is a big nerd at heart.  


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