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When my now husband and I were first engaged, we discussed having kids straightaway and planned to start trying as soon as we were married. This meant our health insurance needed a quick update (as we knew that there was a 12-month waiting period for pregnancy).

At that early stage, we had no idea what we were even looking for. We simply increased our cover to include pregnancy, ignoring the many questions we had: “What’s the difference between public and private?”, “How much would our out-of-pocket costs be?” and “What exactly did we need to be covered for?”

I am now 20 weeks pregnant and discovering the answers to all our questions along the way. We chose to go private and are under the care of an obstetrician, slowly finding out exactly what our out-of-pocket costs are as the pregnancy progresses. In the scheme of fun things to plan during pregnancy, such as picking out the nursery items, buying clothes and other essentials, shopping for prams and reading the latest pregnancy books, reading up on our health insurance wasn’t as high up on our list as it possibly should have been.

I was then told about Bupa Beginnings, a free and interactive guide to pregnancy options in the Australian health system, and the bigger bonus – you don’t have to be a Bupa member to use it. I jumped on straight away and found it so easy to use. All the information we were looking for when we first chose our health cover is laid out in a very accessible way. You can look at the differences between public and private and get a clear indication of the out-of-pocket costs you can expect along the way.

The part I love most are the helpful checklists, from planning for your baby, to what to pack for the hospital – something as a first-time mother I know nothing about. It’s a great resource I wish we had access to when we were first looking at our options for health care cover and choosing between private and public, but it will definitely come in handy next time around.

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