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If you’re a parent, you probably remember spending your own pre-school days in cosy rooms with toy boxes and a rocking horse to play with, with nap and snack-times probably the extent of the structured program. The state-of-the-art pre-schools and early learning centres of today would have been unfathomable. According to Goodstart Early Learning’s State Manager Dr Lesley Jones, it’s probably not hard to understand that the childhoods of 2017 look, sound and feel a little different to previous generations.

“When I consider my childhood, I think some things were the same as we aspire to for children today; I was surrounded by people that I knew loved and cared for me and my childhood was rich in play and adventure. I had play where I had to think and take risks and learn through doing. Contemporary early learning research suggests that much of these things are still important for children; time to explore, be close to natural elements in their world and to be surrounded by adults who have positive warm and caring relationships with them,” states Dr Jones.

“Of course some things are quite different today; technology alone has made a huge impact on families who have incredibly busy lifestyles and work commitments. We now know a lot more about the importance of the types of childhood experiences that children need in those first few years, to really set them up for success (both now and into their future). Goodstart Early Learning programs are informed by research and international thinking on how best to provide learning opportunities for children to develop foundational areas of learning. This includes deep thinking skills, language and literacy, the ability to manage the social world, and learning to incorporate technology in meaningful ways that support and enrich learning.”

Goodstart Early Learning is Australia’s largest early learning provider and they’ll be opening the doors in May to a brand new centre in Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Designed as a tropical oasis, it will boast floor to ceiling glass, a rooftop playground with bike circuits and rope bridges, atrium design with fans and louvered windows allowing natural air flow throughout, all within a heritage-listed façade, and an onsite chef cooking fresh nutritious meals.

Dr Jones said the space was inspired by the sub-tropical rainforests of Queensland.

“Children will experience the seven senses as they explore the atrium where they can touch the bark of the trees, walk bare foot over the stepping stones and admire the view on raised platforms. Providing the right environments for children to stimulate their thinking and social interactions is essential to inspire a love a learning.”

“It’s the quality of the early experiences children have in those first five years of life that help them reach their full potential. A quality early learning centre and nurturing home environment is the perfect combination for your child to develop their full potential,” Dr Jones said.

Separate age-based learning places and vast play spaces plus Kindergarten rooftop playground will cater from six weeks of age to kindy. Located above H&M, it has an easy and free of charge basement drop-off and pick up.

Contact their family support team on 1800 222 543 to enquire.

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