5 things that make this centre the most innovative supplementary education centre in Australia

As one of Australia's longest running enrichment programs, the PLC Sydney Extension Centre is always striving to establish a learning community that is enriching and responsive to the needs of children, regardless of what school they attend or what level of support they require. Here are five things that make the Centre unique and one of the most innovative supplementary education centres across the country.


1. They’re the only school-based gifted program in Australia to have been running every term for 28 years.

The PLC Extension Centre opened in 1989 as a Saturday afternoon extension program for gifted children around Sydney. 28 years later, they still run classes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of gifted children around Sydney.


2. Each student receives an individualised report for every single course they attend.

These reports provide insight into the child’s academic strengths, individual and group work and ability to problem solve, think creatively and communicate ideas.


3. They are the only school-based centre in Australia to offer Saturday programs and after hours tutoring to public and private school students.

They also offer services to school students at all levels, for all needs and of both genders.


4. They were one of the first four members of the national peak body (Australian Tutoring Association) who fought to improve standards in tutoring.

It is currently only one of five organisations nationally with premium accreditation. This means that each and every tutor in the centre is an Accredited Tutor (the highest standard for tutoring practice nationally).


5. They offer Australia’s only school-based Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) preparation courses for those seeking to enter undergraduate medical admission to university.

After almost 3 decades, the Centre is showing no signs of slowing down, as they are in the midst of trialling a new system of distance tutoring. This includes testing the latest software and piloting a program for those participating in winter sports away from their schools and families.

Make sure you keep an eye out for what they do next! plc.nsw.edu.au/microsites/extension-centre/about-us

This is a sponsored post by PLC Extension Centre

Image by: Jesse Orrico



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