10 Motherhood Podcasts

10+ Motherhood Podcasts

We have put together a list of our favourite podcasts that cover all things motherly.

While on the search a couple of months ago for some inspiring podcasts for creatives I also discovered some insightful and helpful podcasts about motherhood and parenting hosted by Australian (and other) mothers and parents.

Whether you’re at home craving adult conversation or doing the daily travel routine to work, why not sit back, relax and press play on some of these motherhood podcasts?

1. Parentland

New from the BBC in February 2019, Parentland asks its world wide listeners to provide them with any dilemmas they may have with raising children and they will search for experts who may have some of the answers. Mercia and Linda (both have kids under 8) chat about the ups and downs they have had (they have written books) and in the first podcast they look at getting kids to do what you what them to do and discipline. With ideas that cover a wide range in this episode: smacking, positive parenting and the role of sport and hobbies in discipline and suggest trying other ways (non-violent) for example if one child is hitting a sibling giving your attention directly to the child being hit rather then the hitter (the attention seeker) can diffuse things.

2. The MotherHood 

Dedicated to exploring the truth about parenting, Jodi Speers and Lauren Dubois chat about the joys and frustrations of being a modern parent such as: finding time to be alone, fussy eaters, being a single child parent to having more kids, mother’s guilt, pregnancy and travelling with kids.

3. ABC Babytalk

Covering a number of topical issues relating to parenting and babies, Penny Johnston talks about child surrogacy, breastfeeding, help with using formula,therapies for childbirth,  making your home baby safe and time management for parents

4. The Slow Home Podcast

Blue Mountains (NSW) resident Brooke McAlary chats to an ever-growing group of people and parents who are saying no to life lived at 110%. They have learned to adopt a similar approach to life with minimalist living, slowing down, opting out, saying no. With focus on simple living with kids, creating a community, the slow movement, and de-cluttering. There are 274 episodes to look at!

5. Happy Mama 

Sydney mother Amy Taylor Kabbaz chats about child-rearing and the day-to-day demands of motherhood and how to harness spiritual growth and be mindful of your own health and wellbeing, which can be easily put on hold when raising your family.

6. This Family Life

Melbourner Nicole Avery interviews everyday parents who work full-time, mums on maternity leave and families with special needs children who share their honest and practical advice about daily family life. Some highlights include discussions on managing mealtimes, sharing household workloads, working part-time with kids, child dyslexia, relocating and changing schools, managing weekend sport activities and encouraging kids to find active interests they enjoy.

7. The New Normal Podcast

Hosts Emma Clark and Melbourne-based designer + publisher Tess McCabe chat to creative parents about balancing work, life and parenting. A long list of Australian creatives such as crafter Katie Evans, stylist Rebecca Jane, photographer Martina Gemmola and many more about Christmas traditions, motherhood stories, sexist parental leave policies, surviving kids’ birthday parties and ‘mumpreneur’ being a nasty word.

8. Coffee+Crumbs

For more inspiration on your motherhood journey, the US based podcast’s mission to encourage mothers around the world through the power of shared experiences and beautiful storytelling. Topics range from ‘have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered: where did I go?’, ‘how to have important conversations with your kids’ and ‘motherhood + social media’.

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9. Raising Children

Psychologist Warren Cann shares a series of podcasts about common obstacles parents face while rearing children and teenagers. Topics include: effects of advertising on children, what to do if your child is being bullied, tips to help parents deal with conflicts and aggression between siblings, highlighting children’s development stages, and family separation.

10. Show & Tell

Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond chats to well-known Australian women and media personalities about current family and parenting topics such as elective C-sections, pelvic floors, postnatal depression, mother’s guilt and crying over spilt breast milk.

11.  Stuff Your Mom Never Told You

From  How Things Work & I Heart Radio these podcasts are wide ranging and varied as their name indicates. Over 300 topics such as ‘Motherhood and Identity’, ‘Women in Comedy’ and ‘Sexism and Gym-timidation’ cover all angles of life!


Words by Jenna Templeton // Photography by Bruno Gomiero

Updated February 2019