20+ virtual home and holiday activities, ideas and tips for parents

During these days when we are reluctant to go out as much as we did or we are locked down at home, its important for everyone’s mental health to keep in contact with each other. Have you enjoyed a virtual drinks party? Or a virtual bedtime story to a child? Kids need to keep in contact with friends as school is their social time and some are not enjoying that opportunity.

At Home Activities and Ideas

If you can get out and about

Looking for things to entertain the family these school holidays as we all struggle with the lockdown blues?

  • McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery  has introduced a series of virtual and online initiatives designed to ensure that their focus on “art with nature” can play a part in contributing to your personal and community well-being.
  • How about 18 things to do outdoors? Or try Active for life Physical Activities for kids
  • how about inspiring a love of gardening in the kids? There are local community gardens for those who don’t have a garden or may you have a neighbour who would like a little garden help?
  • Explore the neighbourhood with these activities

Museums On Line

Need Help of a different kind we have reprised some of our COVID related articles?