25 Favourite Birthday Cakes

25 Favourite Birthday Cakes

A party isn’t a party without a cake! Here are our top 25 favourite cake ideas to inspire you for your next big celebration.

1. Watermelon Cupcakes 

2. Polka Dot Cake 

3. Character Cakes 

4. Up Cupcakes 

5. Construction Site

6. Rainbow Cake In A Jar 

7. Frankenstein’s Monster

8. Shaun The Sheep Cupcakes

9. Paddle Pop Cakes

10. Tie-Dye 

11. Popcorn Cake

12. Minion Cupcakes

13. Pigs In Mud

14. Raspberry Buttercream

15. Neapolitan Cake

16. Spring Flower Cupcakes

17. Mile-High Pancake Cake

18. Bunny Cake

19. Dirt Cake

20. Green-Thumb Cupcakes

21. Bumble Bee Cake

22. Snorkelling Cupcake

23. Chocolate Turtle Cake

24. Pink Champagne Cake

25. Black Forest Cake

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Words by Charlotte Karp

Guest Contributer
Guest Contributor