35 Fun Easter Activities

35 Fun Easter Activities

If you’re keen to get into the spirit of Easter, we have some egg-cellent crafts, cooking activities and games to do with the kids.

1) Start your Easter countdown by making a day-by-day activity egg carton, similar to an Advent calendar, and include a different activity each day, such as the ones below.

2) Dye Easter eggs with food colouring, and try different techniques such as using elastic bands to create patterns or painting with watercolours.

3) Have a go at hand-drawn Easter egg art using finger paints and Textas.

4) Create glittery Easter eggs.

5) Make papier-mache Easter eggs. You could even try Easter-egg pinatas or confetti eggs.

6) Bake Easter Bunny cupcakes.

7) Hand draw Easter cards to send to loved ones.

8) Make Easter bunnies from toilet-paper rolls.

9) Design an Easter bonnet and hold a parade. Try this one and this one.

10) Make Easter Bunny ears and tail.

11) Wear your bunny ears and have a sack race, where everyone has to bounce to the finish line without their ears falling off.

12) Make eggs out of salt dough and paint them before hanging as ornaments.

13) Have an Easter egg-and-spoon race.

14) Make Easter chicks out of cupcake cases.

15) Use cotton balls to create fluffy bunnies. This is a great, simple craft activity for toddlers that doubles as sensory play.

16) Make colourful paper Easter eggs from wet chalk and tape.

17) Put together Easter marshmallow pops.

18) Make Easter-themed potato-print artwork.

19) Construct brown-paper-bag bunny puppets.

20) Watch some Easter-themed movies.

21) Make a cardboard bunny basket to collect eggs on Easter Sunday, or decorate an existing basket with tulle.

22) Get messy creating egg-splatter paint canvases. This is definitely an outdoor activity, but lots of fun!

23) Make bunnies from styrofoam cups and pipe-cleaners.

24) Bake Easter-chick sugar cookies.

25) Cut up felt to make colourful Easter eggs and wrapping.

26) Create an Easter masquerade mask.

27) Show your kids how to use their hands and footprints to make paper-plate bunnies.

28) Make glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs using glow sticks.

29) Use cookie cutters to make playdough Easter shapes, such as bunnies and eggs, and decorate with a few embellishments such as sequins and googly eyes.

30) Melt some chocolate and make rainbow-sprinkle eggs.

31) Play Pin-the-Tail on the Bunny!

32) Make a glitter Easter diorama to use as a table centrepiece on Easter Sunday.

33) Craft a bunny garland to hang in the house, such as down the banister or across the mantle.

34) Create personalised Easter-picture appliques and iron onto plain white T-shirts and onesies to wear on Easter Sunday.

35) On Easter Sunday, set up bunny footprints inside and outside the house, for your kids to follow to find eggs. You can use flour, baby powder, or even draw them with chalk on outdoor surfaces.

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Words by Brooke Tasovac

Guest Contributer
Guest Contributor