9 Alternate Uses For Kids’ Artwork

9 Alternate Uses For Kids’ Artwork

Not sure what to do with your child’s masterpieces? Here are some fun ideas and alternative uses for your children’s artwork.

There’s only so much space on the fridge to display your kid’s artwork. Not nearly enough to save everything that’s too cute for the recycling bin. We’ve put our heads together to list all the ways they can be celebrated.

1. Gift Wrap

Why not wrap up gifts with your child’s artwork? I’m sure the grandparents will love it! It’s so easy to lay down some white butcher’s paper and let them just go for it (make sure to cover the size of the gift!). And we also love the idea of wrapping a bunch of flowers in a drawing like Wimke.

2. Make a Book

One of our fave ladies Kate Boadu of Jimmy Halfpenny came up with the genius idea of turning their children’s art into a coffee table book! This easy-to-do mail service allows parents to send off their child’s art and have it returned as a beautiful printed memento.

3. Gallery Wall

If you have a dedicated little artist in the family, who’s always producing new work by the bucket loads, why not display their work in their rooms by creating a gallery wall? Attach rows of twine to the wall with thumb tacks and hang artworks across it using wooden or colourful pegs. Alternatively, you could blue-tac a whole bunch to a blank wall space and use washi tape to make border frames.

8 alternate uses for kids’ artwork on child mags blog4. Cover books

I love the colourful randomness of kids’ artwork – they’re a pattern maker’s dream! One of my favourite things to make is little notebooks, which I send to my pen pals. Your child might want to have a go at making their own notebooks using their art or using their work to cover their school books or art scrapbook.

5. Decorate furniture

Put your hand up if you have some basic furniture from IKEA? Why not give furnishings a makeover or ‘furniture hack’ by covering the top of a storage unit, stool or wardrobe front with your child’s paintings? Most local art stores own decoupage glue or ‘mod podge’, which enables you to coat paper material and easily glue it to furniture.

8 alternate uses for kids’ artwork on child mags blog

6. Create a calendar

Most local printing and photo stores offer services to print photos onto a mug or calendar. All you have to do is scan your photos onto a USB or Smartphone and take them to your nearest photo developing shop to print onto everything from mugs, plates and calendars. This would make a great Christmas gift for a family member too!

7. Keep a photo record

Have you heard about those #photoaday projects? You choose a topic and document with a photo a day, either uploading to Instagram or by documenting daily snaps on a blog. Your child might enjoy creating an artwork a day and documenting their creativity with photos, in a scrapbook or on a blog.

8. Turn drawings into toys

How amazing would it be to turn your child’s drawings into soft toys? Well thanks to Happy Softies, you can! I wish this was available when I was a tot – I would’ve loved to see my creations come to life, and be my best friends!

9. Tattoos

This one is for parents! Have you seen those awesome parents that have been celebrating their children’s creativity by getting their child’s masterpieces tattooed for keeps? Props to them!

Images by Wimketolsna, Meri Cherry, Mod Podge Rocks, Happy Softies, Clean & Scentsible