Australian children to send 1 million Magic Hearts to children of Ukraine

Children across Australia are being asked to be part of an ambitious project, the Magic Hearts For Ukraine Project, to send one million Magic Hearts with messages of love and support to fellow children affected by war in Ukraine – to let them know children from the other side of the world love and care for them.

More than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children have been displaced after just one month of war1 and the not-for-profit Foundation is seeking ways to prevent feelings of hurt and abandonment amongst this vulnerable young group.

The tributes, which have been organised by children’s mental well being organisation The Magic Coat Foundation, will be paired with a copy of a new book: The Magic Coat for Ukraine which is translated into Ukrainian and offers coping strategies for young people to process the trauma experienced.

About the Magic Heart for Ukraine

In March 2022, early in the Ukraine crisis, Magic Coat Foundation Director, Tom Emery, travelled to Europe to assist Ukrainian refugees safely cross the Ukrainian border into other countries. In recent times he has been helping to convert an old hotel into an orphanage for Ukrainian children in Munster, Germany.

After seeing firsthand the atrocities that Ukrainian people are facing, Tom asked the Foundation’s CEO, Di Wilcox, to write a book specifically for the children of Ukraine, to help support their mental health and well being.

Magic Coat for Ukraine is based on the hugely popular book The Magic Coat – Creating Calm, Confident and Caring Kids which has been written by Di for Australian children ages 2-11 to assist them recognise and manage emotions.

The Ukrainian edition includes a new character The Magic Heart which appears on every page and is designed to let Ukrainian children know they are loved, wherever they are.

10,000 copies have already been printed in Poland and distributed by volunteers in the Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and other neighbouring European countries.

The book is now being used by parents, teachers, and psychologists on the ground to teach the children important strategies to help them cope with the devastating challenges they are currently facing.Commenting on the campaign, The Magic Coat Foundation founder/Director, author and 2020 United Nations WA Human Rights Award recipient Di Willcox said:

“I have seen so many people emotionally affected by the atrocities in Eastern Europe wondering how they can do their part. I just knew there had to be a way to establish a connection between these people and the young victims of war, so we started the Magic Heart for Ukraine project.

“We are so well supported by volunteers in Poland, Germany and surrounding countries who are working within the community and so far have been able to see 10,000 letters and books reach children in need.

“This is just the beginning, and we are desperate for more help so that we can make a difference for an even greater number of children.”

How Can You Help?

Every donation, whether a few dollars or a few thousand, will help The Magic Coat Foundation raise the funds to reach the target of one million books to help the refugee children.

To donate, please visit The Magic Coat – Creating Calm, Confident and Caring Kids | Magic Coat and follow The Magic Heart for Ukraine button.

We also encourage you to follow our Facebook page The Magic Heart for Ukraine | Facebook, where we have shared photos and videos of the Ukrainian children receiving The Magic Coat Book for Ukraine.

100% of the money raised by the campaign will go towards printing costs for the book.

Send a Magic Heart letter to Ukraine

In addition to producing more books, The Magic Coat Foundation is encouraging children across Australia to create their own Magic Heart and write a message to a child in Ukraine to let them know they care.

To participate, Magic Hearts can be uploaded via the Magic Heart for Ukraine page

Schools and youth organisations are also encouraged to take part, with expressions of interest welcome via email to the following address:

Here is the message Di is sending to the children of Australia on why they should be part of this initiative: