10 Things To Do Before The Kids Head Back-To-School

12 Things To Do Before The Kids Head Back To School

Pull up your socks and pack your backpack – it’s time for a new school year. So we have your school to-do list sorted!

From making your own homework nook to simple lunchbox ideas – here are some of our past stories that may help you through the whole back-to-school mayhem.

  1. Create memories with some of these photography tips for capturing first day of school photos.
  2. Download our FREE Back-To-School mini mag.
  3. Don’t know what to pack in your child’s lunchbox this year? Let the kids tell you what they want.
  4. Be inspired by these kids’ craft corner tips – A few tweaks and you have great homework headquarters.
  5. Your foolproof guide to getting the kids out the door and organised for school.
  6. Thinking about putting up your hand up to be class mum this year? Read this first.
  7. Teach your kids to look after their belongings so you don’t loose everything in lost property!
  8. Cook up your own meat pies with this recipe – worthy of the school canteen!
  9. Download our FREE printable lunchbox notes of funny sayings and jokes. Get them HERE!
  10. Try some of these healthy swaps for your child’s lunchbox.
  11. Backpacks don’t only have to be for the kids!
  12. We love this TV show that perfectly tells the story of what going to school in Australia is like.

Words by Jenna Templeton