Free December Calendar Wallpaper

Organise and Christmas-ify your phone with our cute December calendar wallpaper.

Although Christmas is a time full of joy, laughter and good food, the weeks leading up to it are generally…not. Everyone we’ve asked is in planning mode; trying to decide what recipe to use on the day, panicking over gifts that haven’t been bought, deliberating on how to evenly spread their time between families, rushing to finish work before the holidays, browsing for the perfect Christmas outfit that will simultaneously make them look good whilst allowing them to eat everything they can see… The list goes on.

Whatever you’re trying to wrap up or do in the lead up to Christmas, we hope you still manage to find joy, laughter and (especially) good food each day, amidst all the chaos. If you’re finding that difficult, then rest assured we’ll always be here with stories, giveaways, and free printables – with today’s one being this free December calendar wallpaper for all your gadgets. The background is also available as a gift wrap which you can download here.

Or you can just listen to (belt out) Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. Both options work.

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Daisy Chein
Daisy Chein