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Download our free digital wallpaper to help pretty up your gadgets and join us as we celebrate motherhood, this Mother’s Day month!

May is a special month here at CHILD, being that it includes Mother’s Day. It’s important to celebrate all things Motherhood daily, but having a special day to tell all mother’s how much we love and appreciate them is pretty great, because mums’… you are all fantastic.

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So here are a some inspiring Motherhood stories and a few ways to treat yourselves to show our appreciation for all that you do for us:

We dedicated a whole mini mag to Motherhood!

We are thankful we regularly get to chat to lots of inspiring mothers doing us proud. Here some inspiring folk who have shared their motherhood and creativity stories with us.

What inspires Australia’s accomplished creative mothers? These women have fire in their bellies and their eyes on the prize.

Some handy advice for mothers wanting to make a career change that’s perfect for them and their families.

We have put together a list of our favourite podcasts that cover all things motherly.

Looking for a little bit of calm? Give these mindfulness apps for busy mums a try.

When you become a mum, new friendships and networks can make all the difference. So here is where you can find your tribe.

Find more of our inspiring motherhood stories over here.

Happy Mother’s Day!