Get really LOUD for deaf kids on October 23

Did you know that 1 in 6 Australians are impacted by hearing loss? The Kenney Family know all about this.

Queenslanders, Natasha and Marc Kenney were shocked when they found out their first born Amelie (now 6) was deaf in both ears after her routine newborn screening test. Not knowing anything about hearing loss or how common it is, mum Natasha found this time incredibly daunting and scary – being a new mum and grappling with the unknown.

Natasha didn’t know what kind of life her child would have, if she would ever be able to speak, read, get an education, play sport or even go to a regular school.

After countless appointments and worry about her future, with the help of Hear and Say, Amelie underwent cochlear implant surgery at 7 months and began world-leading Listening and Spoken Language Therapy at the not-for-profit.

Then, Natasha and Marc’s second child Xavier was born. To their surprise, Xavier was also born deaf in both ears and went onto receive bilateral cochlear implants.  This time though, Natasha and her husband were comforted, knowing Hear and Say would help Xavier grow up just like any other kids his age as Amelie had.

“Today both Amelie and Xavier are flourishing. The use of their cochlear implants coupled with Hear and Say’s Early Intervention program has been instrumental in helping our children access the gift of hearing and speech. Without Cochlear technology and Hear and Say, the outcomes for our whole family would be vastly different,” Marc Kenney said.

To celebrate in Queensland,  and to help Hear and Say’s 14th annual Loud Shirt Day fundraiser, The Kenney family and Hear and Say are calling on Australian locals and businesses to donate and frock up in their wackiest shirts to get LOUD for children with hearing loss, on Friday October 23.

Loud Shirt Day is a crucial fundraising initiative as Hear and Say need to raise approx. $10,000 per year per child to provide their world leading therapy and support to kids like Amelie and Xavier. Also, we feel their story will help support families who are going through a similar journey – they aren’t alone and Hear and Say can help.

LOUD Shirt Day is a major fundraiser throughout Australia for Deaf children

Get LOUD in any way you like – as a family, at work, with your friends and community group or at school, the opportunities are endless. Your support will help give deaf and hard of hearing children access to support and the gift of speech – how awesome is that! For information and details of activities in your state see Loud Shirt Day Details