Happy Easter holidays!

Happy Easter Long Weekend and School Holidays!

Are you ready for Easter? No? Neither are we. Everything we enjoy at Easter-time is able to re-emerge after 2020, and being school holidays as well, our preparations can expand!

This recent rainy weather has us dreaming of Dried Cherry Hot Cross Buns, Easter Donuts and Biscuits covered in edible flowers.

We have enjoyed the cooler weather this year and it’s great to be able to put the oven on. Easter baking is the best.

Does your family do gifts at Easter or just chocolate? Or neither?

For the non-chocolate houses, we have some stories you might like, We’re going on an Easter book hunt or this collection of Easter books or look at chocolate-free Easter recipe ideas.

Why not let the kids decorate their own Easter homemade biscuits?

I come from a chocolate house and it seems I’m running one now too, even if I have to order my favourites online. If all else fails you are allowed to have the Easter bunny visit now it seems, with an official eggs-emption!

Lastly with everyone looking for suggestion to occupy kids during the holidays I do love these great ideas of fun Easter activities to bring some happiness into our Easter holidays ‘staycation’!

Enjoy your break!

from your Childmags team

Image of gorgeous (mini) Easter Cheesecakes