Let's Go To The Movies

Let’s go to the movies

We share our favourite childhood family-friendly films, as well as the ones we love watching now (over and over).

What movies are on your yearly rotation and you enjoy watching the most with family?

Here are some of the CHILD Magazines’ team faves:

Katie Polley, Accounts and Distribution

Raising two girls, the Barbie movies were always in demand – the dress was always the ‘wow’ factor. Toy Story is a standout. The girls love this film so much because it features all of the toys they know and love, as well as highlighting the relationship that a child has with their toys.

Jessica Chen, Design and Production

What’s brilliant about The Lion King is that any person with any movie taste will enjoy this film, even though it’s aimed at kids. This is a movie that doesn’t water down on raw emotions, and it was the first movie I watched as a kid that made me feel something deep.

Trish West, Accounts

The Sound Of Music because who doesn’t enjoy a ‘love story’ with added history, comedy and of course religious themes. It’s a long-standing family favourite. “The hills are alive!”

Lana Al Habl, Sub-Editor

The comic genius of Robin Williams was not lost on us as kids – Mrs Doubtfire was on replay in our household for years! Even to this day, I watch it and find something new to laugh (and cry) about.

Emily Fletcher, Sales

The Neverending Story was such an escape and gave me such beautiful, strange and wonderful characters to fall in love with. It created such a highly detailed and imaginative ‘other world’. A world with a real sense of danger in it, hence the young boy hero conveyed a feeling of real bravery. Can’t wait to share with my daughter (she is too young just yet!).

Daisy Chein, Calendar Coordinator & Editorial Assistant

An underrated Disney princess, Pocahontas was the second strong female role model I had growing up (number one was mum). She overcame gender stereotypes to save lives, had the cutest sidekicks, sang the catchiest songs with important messages all whilst maintaining perfect hair… #GOALS.

Team Member, Sales

We love Star Wars – a New Hope because of Luke Skywalker & his Jedi lightsaber – my son still pretends he’s caught up in some intergalactic war adventure every now & then, waving his plastic wand at his younger cousins…and of course, the one & only Princess Leia – no one else can truly rock the headphone hairstyle like she can.

Words by Daisy Chein

Daisy Chein
Daisy Chein