Mount Alvernia College

The property

Type of School: Provides to young women a quality Catholic secondary education in the Franciscan tradition.

School Fees: Affordable, all-inclusive fees.

Intake Years: 7–12.

Curriculum: Aims to prepare students for life, further education and employment, and to empower them to live responsibly, justly and reflectively. It emphasises positive teaching of Catholic faith and morality while respecting the beliefs and practices of other traditions.

Co-Curricular Activities: Pursuits such as sport, outreach and cultural activities are aimed to further enhance the experience of a Mount Alvernia education.

Comments: The College has a fine reputation for academic excellence and recognises the importance of providing flexible pathways that respect the gifts and talents of each young woman. Proactive and positive Pastoral Care is an important feature of our community, and all students are made to feel welcomed and included in all aspects of college life.


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