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Willaim Clarke CollegeType of School: William Clarke College is a P-12, co-educational, independent Anglican College located in Kellyville in Sydney’s thriving Hills District.

Fees: Consult the College website for information regarding fees, costs and scholarships

Intake Years: Years P, K, 5 and 7. Other vacancies may occur.

Special Programs: William Clarke College has two main schools – Primary School (P–6) and Secondary School (7–12). The formative years of Primary School provide students with the opportunity to build confidence and skills as a learner. Students will commence their journey in understanding themselves, how they learn and the learning process. Deep understanding is achieved through quality teaching, the establishment of meaningful relationships, exposure to a broad curriculum and a rich array of co-curricular activities.

Secondary School begins to prepare students for success beyond the successes they have experienced during their time at the College. We intentionally shift the focus forward, developing problem-solving and presentation skills, creative thinking, digital literacy and other enterprise skills that will prepare students for a dynamic and changing workforce. Through varied programs and opportunities both in and outside the classroom, we aim to equip students with the leadership skills, emotional maturity and resilience needed to thrive in today’s world.

Tours: We are disappointed we are not able to welcome you onsite at the moment, however, we are pleased to offer prospective families an overview of the College from Headmaster, Dr Scott Marsh, as well as a Campus Tour here or on our website.

Enrolment: Our Enrolments Team welcomes your inquiry and are on hand to chat about what the College has to offer your family. Interested families are encouraged to apply 24 months (except Preparatory School, which is 12 months) prior to entry. However, applications at any time. Enrolment process can be found on the website.

General Comments: How do schools in partnership with parents prepare young people to thrive in an increasingly complex, globalised world? A world that is characterised by change, technological innovation and in great need of virtuous leaders who possess robust thinking, moral courage and vision. These ideas have inspired our passion to build a Christ-centred community that seeks to develop extraordinary learners with a passion to serve others. This is our purpose.

As a Christ-centred community, we seek to develop character that ultimately brings honour to God. Often linked with ideas such as strength and morality, the pursuit of good character is described as a lifelong process that is continually forged through hardship, perseverance and when we each confront areas of personal weakness. We wish to work with parents to ensure that this process is actively supported through establishing a community-wide language for character. Central to this language are our six College virtues – courage, integrity, hope, justice, humility and ingenuity. Through explicitly teaching these good character qualities, we wish to equip young people with the foundational qualities that will see them thrive, serving God as leaders in their communities.

The College actively supports staff to deliver lessons that engage thinking and appropriately extend all our students. We strive to develop sophisticated learners who can think critically and creatively, and apply their knowledge meaningfully in different contexts. Our teaching staff meet regularly to share expertise and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and learning outcomes for students. Teaching is only effective if students are learning. To this end, the College intentionally puts a strong emphasis on progress and ensuring teachers understand and are accountable for the impact they have in the classroom.

As a comprehensive College, we value the holistic development of students. We strongly believe that through participation in co-curricular opportunities, students achieve a more balanced approach to their schooling. We encourage every student to become involved or try something new. We are well known for our dynamic co-curricular program. Designed to stretch student success beyond the classroom, our program helps to build leadership and teamwork skills and develop a sense of community and belonging in students.

The College places great importance on student wellbeing. The synergy between the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical aspects of wellbeing are intentionally explored within our framework to assist students to thrive within a safe environment. We recognise that wellbeing underpins how well students progress in their learning journey and how deeply they feel connected with other members of the community. Our strengths-based approach to student wellbeing is Christ-focused and forms the foundation on which all else is built. We care for each individual because each individual is made and loved by God. Through proactively engaging and connecting students in a range of programs within year groups and across the College, opportunities for building positive relationships are established and a sense of belonging is fostered. Our wellbeing Framework ultimately seeks to build character and resilience, enabling students to flourish.

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