Looking for an activity for the kids? Win with Fishy Doodles!

Looking for an activity for the kids?  Get out the textas and send us a picture of their Fishy Doodles!  

Marine Graphics Ink, a marine illustration studio, is running a kids fish drawing competition closing on November 1.

So if you are into art, fishing or just stuck indoors on a raining day, why not sit down and do a Fishy Doodle.

We are also accepting everything from digital illustration to potato prints so show us your skills!

Drawing and creativity are a good way for kids to slow down their minds and focus on small details like their hands, lines and colour.  Let them free draw or you can show them a picture of a fish as reference.

Using a reference picture allows closer observation of the lines and shapes they have created on their page.  Even young children respond well to looking at reference drawings.  For the very young get them to trace the outline of the fish with their finger a few times first, then draw it on their page.  Depending on their age it might change their drawings immediately or slowly over time.

They have great prize packs for each age group that include rods and reels, lures, paint sets, fish stickers and fish posters.

Categories are age based, 2-4, 5-8, 9-13, 14-18.

Send your entry to kidsclub@marinegraphicsink.com by November 1 to join the fun.

Main Image: Sophia aged 12;

Other images: purple fish James aged 5 and Under the Sea Felix aged 9