Our Top 5 Melbourne Fringe Festival Picks for Kids

The Melbourne Fringe Festival (14 September-1 October) is upon us once again, and FYI, it’s not just for adults! This year’s festival shines the light on kids with a jam-packed children’s programme. Here are our top five picks for your little fringe-goers.

Kids Club

Don’t know when you can take the kids to the festival? It’s all good – this year’s Fringe kid’s programme features Kids Club, a huge variety of creative and entertaining events and workshops on EVERY DAY of the festival from 27 September! Kids Club will be at ArtPlay in Birrarung Marr, and you can choose from things like circus shows, creative workshops such as Design it.Make It.Wear it (where little fringe-goers can create party outfits made from upcycled materials), everyday games like peekaboo and hide-and-seek with a twist of Butoh (a form of Japanese art theatre) and a dance marathon (parents included) with a serious schooling in all things music.

Oh yeah, and it’s all free. Thought you’d like that one.

Let’s Get Political

Mums and Dads can listen to the littlest Fringe-goers exercise their own voice in The Children’s Party, an inaugural meeting of Australia’s first child-led political party consisting of pint-sized politicos aged 8–12 years. What solutions will these children come up with when it comes to all the big issues; social policy, climate change, government spending and asylum seekers?

Step Back in Time

Which kid wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with a life-sized T-Rex? In the Dinosaur Time Machine, little fringe-goers can learn from up-to-date science and fun dinosaur facts, and get amongst dino-themed circus, puppetry and imaginative play. For children aged 3–9 years.

Digital Puppetry

Spooky storytelling with a twist, Spookmaster weaves storytelling and puppetry with digital projections. The story follows Jack, a kid who doesn’t quite fit in, and Spookmaster – a mysterious character who sends him dreams about the problems he’s facing. Puppetry and projections make Jack’s dreams of confronting his fears come to life.

Funny Magic

The I Hate Children, Children’s show is actually all about the kids! It’s Edinburgh Fringe’s top rated kids show where children are the stars of the comedy magic. According to Paul Dabak, the magician in question,“Children are the natural-born enemy of the magician and nowhere is this more evident than in this show”. Cheeky!

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Lana Al Habl
Lana Al Habl