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Let’s turn to practicalities and get you started on your urban field naturalist journey. It can seem daunting, and you might not know where to begin, but these five simple steps will do the trick. Even when you’re an experienced urban field naturalist, it’s still always...

Catherine McTamaney, looks at how she changed teaching and why she remains influential today One hundred and fifty years after Maria Montessori’s birth, tens of thousands of teachers around the world still hail her innovations and educational philosophy. One of Italy’s first female doctors, Montessori applied her...

Imagine you go to the supermarket to buy food for your family. You purchase three bags of groceries. As you leave the store, you throw one bag into a rubbish bin … This scenario might seem ridiculous, but it’s a very apt analogy for the waste...

Catherine Smith asks, when research tells us they do better in the mainstream system? Recently, the disability royal commission is looking at the experiences of children and young people with disability in different schools across Australia. This includes mainstream schools as well as so-called “special schools”. An...

The development of an online portal for workplaces on health promotion around pregnancy became a real labour of love for all involved who pushed through pandemic related delays. This can also be a major source of worry in the increasingly difficult economic climate faced by young...

Kids on the autism spectrum experience more bullying. Schools can do something about it, write researchers P. Daniel Lin and Valsamma Eapen Children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, experience various types of challenges at school. This might be due to communication, and also relationships...

Meet Cathy Wilkinson, Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation's new CEO. From the family apple orchard to setting up a farm produce delivery box system and living in the Arctic Circle (yes, the Arctic), as well as professional positions with Monash Sustainable Development Institute and leading major...

by Lou Duggan Birthday • party • planning. Three words that can strike fear into the hearts of even the most experienced mums. Because for so many of us, we equate successful children’s parties with success as a parent. But for our kids, a party is not about...

GP Phoebe Holdenson Kimura reports on what to expect when coming off the pill and 5 things to do before you do “The pill” (the combined oral contraceptive pill) has been giving Australian women control over their reproductive health since the 1960s and remains the most...

Cassandra Charlton’s daughter enjoys a close relationship with her distant cousins. My three-year-old daughter is separated from her cousins by thousands of kilometres – and sees them only once every two years when their family comes to Australia to visit us and their maternal grandparents. On...