SMARTFONE FLICK FEST for filmakers under 16

The exciting SF3 Kids returns after last year’s popular success. It features the best 12 films by filmmakers 16 years and under.  

SF3’s newest ambassador, Australian/Hollywood Director Phillip Noyce says smartphone filmmaking is the way of the future.

“A smartphone is a one-stop-shop for filmmakers: you can shoot a film on your phone, you can edit on your phone, you can even get distribution. That’s why I’m supporting this festival!”

Kids Official Selection 2019

  • 718 Thousand Hours by Kate Snashall – 14 years old (Mosman, NSW) Filmed on an iPhone 6S

“A spoken word poem motivating today’s youth to embrace life more and spend less time on their devices.”

  • The Difference Between Us by Kara Rose & Ella Humphreys – 15 years old.   (From Sydney, NSW) iPhone X.

“Claire and Sam have been friends since Kindergarten but when Claire is uprooted by her hippy mother to live in India after having a vision, Sam wonders if the distance will impact on their friendship and dreams forever. But Claire does return and together they both embark on an adventure of achieving their childhood dreams.”

  • Screen Age by Cal Thacher (From San Francisco, USA)  iPhone X.

This film is about the unspoken, ongoing battle between one girl’s willpower and a conglomerate of tech algorithms designed to keep her logged on: A bookish girl wants to finish her homework before bedtime. But her online addictions to social media, games and shopping come to life and take her on a series of phantasmagorical adventures. The clock is ticking…can she resist temptation and get home in time?”

  • Pigeon Games by Caleb Willden Cole – 11 years old (From Petersham, NSW) Filmed on iPhone 6.

“A group of pigeons have a game of chip-tag on a beach.”

  • Say Something by Emily Prior. (From Kingsley, Perth, WA) iPhone.

“This short film is about Bullying. 1 in 4 Australian kids experience bullying. Bullying is never ok, it is incredibly hurtful and can impact someone for a very long time. This film Emily and her friends Rose and Sarah who stand up to a bully for their new friend Elliot.”


  • Mute Button by 5G at Cabramatta Public School & Teacher Lawrence Sollorz   iPad. Eligible for the SF3 & Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award.

“A student has a remote control that allows her to mute her fellow classmates.”

  • Memory Wipe by Dylan Quick (From Melbourne, Victoria)  iPhone 6.  Eligible for the SF3 & Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award and the #Filmbreaker Award.

“This is my first short film. Are aliens real? Are they coming for us?”

  • Ants by Rocco Faddoul Roncato (From Wollongong, NSW).  iPhone 6. Eligible for the SF3 & Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award.

“This short film will show you how most ant colonies are formed! Also the film shows you how to start your own and colony!!!”

  • The Haunted Runaway by Zoe di Cristo (From Sydney, NSW)  iPhone 6S.

“My film is about a young teenage girl being haunted by her worst nightmare, with no escape.”

  • A Life’s Journey by Emilia Leopardi  (From Mt Annan, NSW) iPhone XR. Eligible for the #Filmbreaker Award.

“A film about life – Are we all just asleep?”

  • The Dingle Files by Alexander Struthers  (Sunshine Coast, QLD)  iPhone 6+.

A “well established therapist”, Dr Donny Dingle, showcases his methods for dealing with fears. But is this doctor for real?


This year’s fest takes place at Event Cinemas, George St, Sydney NSW on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September starting on Saturday afternoon with SF3 Kids followed by the first ever SF3 feature film screening!