Happy Mail GIft Guide

Snail Mail Gift Guide

We’ve wrapped up all sorts of cool snail mail themed gifts for kids, tweens and paper loving peeps because getting something in the mail is one of the few real treats of life.

I often read old kids books (we all have our quirks) and think about how easy the children of history were to please. Laura Ingalls Wilder talks about how butchering day was the most amazing day of the year because Pa would blow up the pigs bladder for them to play with. Other books are filled with excited descriptions of sliced oranges, fresh Sunday ribbons and water flavoured with ginger.

Literally the one ‘exciting’ thing that has stood the test of time in those books are packages in the post. Because everyone loves snail mail. Here are our top picks.

1. Tiger Tribe DIY Postcard Kit $20
I don’t think you can go past craft gifts for kids at Christmas time, especially if you are trying to keep the household clutter at a minimum. So is a craft project that then ends up getting mailed to a friend the ultimate gift? There is just so much to love; creating, a kind gesture, a trip to the post box and getting to teach your kids about delayed gratification. Yes please.

2. Dear Little Designs Personalised Mailbox $60
I have had my eye on one of these for FOREVER! Now that my lady is learning to write I am super excited to pop one under the tree. It’s such a nice way to encourage analogue communication. (Says the Digital Editor)

3. Sack Me Swag Sack (No longer available) $49.95
How could you resist playing Post Man Pat, or even Santa with this gorgeous Swag Sack from Little Paper Lane? I can just imagine the kids dragging it around the house posting letters and parcels all over the place. Now that’s my idea of a game!

4. kikki.K Pen Pal Kit $24.95
Cuteness overload with this gorgeous pen pal kit! I really REALLY want to buy this for me but I’m a terrible pen pal and it really wouldn’t be fair to get anyone’s hopes up.

5. Papered Thoughts ‘Pep Talk in an Envelope’ $27
From the queen of snail mail herself, this gorgeous envelope full of love cuter than a piglet eating watermelon. I know a few almost-teenagers who would really dig this.

6. May Gibbs + Australia Post Gumnut Babies Stamp Pack $16.95
You know we LOVE May Gibbs so we had to include these stamps. Also, they are arguably the most important element of any snail-mail kit.

7. Kmart Cards and Envelopes $3.50
These cards and envelopes would be the perfect start to a Snail Mail themed care package! Make sure to let us know if you create one!