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the nappy collective supporting struggling mothers

Can you imagine spring cleaning for a good cause? Besides the fact that culling is good for the soul, we’ve found another happy reason to pump your cleaning tunes and get to work.

The Nappy Collective is an Australian initiative and the brainchild of founder, Sandra Jacobs, who one day found a stash of nappies her daughter had outgrown and decided to combine her passion for innovative philanthropy and her business sense. Natural thought process, right?

It works on a simple premise. Many parents have loads of outgrown nappies collecting dust and have no clue what to do with them. The Nappy Collective takes them off your hands at a drop point in your city and distributes them to families struggling to cover basic needs for their kids. In May this year, a whopping 715,068 nappies were dropped off – that’s a lot of empty cupboard space.

Thanks to community and local business support, the team at The Nappy Collective are able to keep the nappy train going around the country. It supports mothers fleeing family violence, families struggling with homelessness, mental illness and extreme financial hardship – all from the humble nappy.

“People who have donated tell us amazing stories of finding leftover nappies stuffed deep in closets, in the boot of their cars, and at the grandparents’ house. This is why we are encouraging everyone to start their spring cleaning now, and to donate any spare nappies they find to our Collective rather than adding to landfill,” Lisa Simon, Director, says.


Keen to dispose of some disposables? The May ’21 collective has finished but you can still donate here,

Words: Lana Al HablPhotography: Sebastian Hamel