Book Review: What's Your Story?

Book Review: What’s Your Story?

It’s difficult to get the balance right when discussing Australia’s complicated history with children, but What’s Your Story? provides a sympathetic platform to start from.

We follow the child protagonists, Leonard the orphan and Milba the Eora girl, as they’re introduced to strange new animals and customs. My six year old enjoyed the emu and dog race, and his eyes widened when he heard about convicts for the first time (not sure how we haven’t covered that before, but it was news to him).

He was captivated by the highly detailed artwork, which he liked because it was, “Weird! The boy’s hand is bigger than his head”.

Emmerich’s illustrations have been created by using large hand-painted ceramic tiles.

Beginning with the inviting question, “Do you have a story?” Rose Giannone and Bern Emmerichs deliver a thoroughly engaging tale about the arrival of European settlers to Australia from a dual perspective, which is no small feat. It gives parents and carers an opportunity to celebrate Australia Day with children and is definitely worth a read.

What’s Your Story? by Rose Giannone, Illustrated by Bern Emmerichs published by Berbay PublishingRRP $27.95

Bron Bates is a mother of three living in NSW, Australia.

Review by Bron Bates

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