WIN 1 of 5 Books by Maggie Dent ‘from boys to men’

There is a sense of urgency, says Maggie Dent, for the need to raise our boys to be happy, healthy men.

As a former teacher, counsellor and mother of 4 boys, Maggie certainly has become a ‘boy champion’, much needed in our current culture. In her new book, ‘from boys to men‘, Maggie provides lots of common sense advice, helpful tips and techniques to help parents move through adolescence in particular. What parent wouldn’t love to know how to get their lazy, unmotivated 18 year old son off the couch!

Sound advice on how to stay calm and:

  • Communicate effectively and defuse conflict
  • ‘Unstick’ an unmotivated son
  • Help them to foster heathy realtionships
  • Navigate technology and the digital world

Low res image FROM BOYS TO MENFrom Boys to Men by Maggie Dent, published by Macmillan Australia. RRP $34.99

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