WIN one of the must-have back to school item for kids and families-Valued at $349

Why SPACETALK Adventurer is the must-have back to school item for kids and families

ST2_Midnight-CameraWith Christmas behind us for another year, parents are now turning their focus to back to school lists and must-have items.

This year the wearable device has cemented itself as one of the most popular back to school items.  School age kids are seeking more independence and while parents accept that, they also want to remain connected to them.

With so many wearable options with all kinds of features available, it can be daunting for parents to know which wearable will best meet their needs.

Australian company Spacetalk is rapidly earning itself a reputation for being the safe, reliable go-to manufacturer of safe wearable devices for Aussie families, kids and schools.

ST2_Midnight-Front-wallpaperDesigned for children 5-12 years old, Spacetalk smartwatches provide phone calls and SMS messaging to a parent-controlled list of contacts. They also feature a GPS locator so parents can keep updated on when their kids are.

The newly launched Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatch is one of the most popular wearable devices currently available to Australian families and school children. With longer battery life and improved water resistance, Adventurer, is an all-in-one 4G smartphone watch with a camera, heart rate sensor and fitness info for on-the-go kids who want to track their own fitness goals (and parents who want to ensure their kids aren’t spending too much time on the couch).

Developed in consultation with parents and schools, Spacetalk includes a unique School Mode feature, which allows parents to turn off the device’s features during school hours, for distraction-free learning.

Importantly, Spacetalk Adventurer is a safety-first device with NO access to social media or the open internet, games or any other internet services that can be dangerous to children.

Entries close 1 February 2021 at 10pm.

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