Would You Like a Cute October Calendar?

Is it just us or does it feel like you briefly closed your eyes to sneeze in May and opened your eyes to October?

To us, October is a “filler” month. It’s not cold enough to wear cute coats and turtlenecks, but it’s also not hot enough to spend days either in the water or lying on the cold tiles eating Zooper Doopers. October is the calm before the storm; that is holiday season and school holidays and summer vacations.

To help you navigate through this busy month – and also because we’re a sucker for sweet illustrations and millennial pink – we asked our in-house illustrator to design some super cute calendars for you guys to use! And because we love ya, we’ve made them in different sizes for you to use as your wallpaper on all your different devices. Scroll down for the download links!

iPhone 7 / iPhone 5 / iPad / Android / Desktop (Medium) / Desktop (Large)

Illustrations by Jess Chen