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Oxley Logo_23-4-2015 Type of School: Oxley Christian College is a beautifully situated Early Years to Year 12 co-educational, non-denominational Christian school in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have an enrolment of approximately 1000 delightful students.

Fees: Information regarding fees, costs and scholarships may be found on the College website

Intake Years: Prep and Year 7. All other year levels are subject to availability.

Special Programs: Oxley Christian College is a warm and welcoming community committed to an educational perspective embedded in the Christian faith. Our big-picture aim is to nurture and prepare confident and articulate students with the skills, wisdom and maturity to live in the moment while shaping the future for the common good of humanity.

At Oxley:

  • We encourage students to be their best. We want students to flourish and take delight in their academic learning and development of Christian character.
  • With excellent results each year, our students select various tertiary destinations in a wide variety of studies.
  • We offer a dynamic educational program with many co-curricular programs, leadership and service opportunities and an international mindedness. There are international exchange programs, international educational and missions tours, and international student enrolments.
  • We have pastoral care programs that nurture student mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience.
  • Our co-curricular programs offer experiences in outdoor education, adventure activities, City Cite experiences, cultural, artistic and sporting events. School productions are held every year.
  • Our information and computer technology program involves student ownership of a MS Surface Pro device.
We have an academic scholarship program in both Junior and Senior schools.

Tours: Choosing a school for your child is an important decision.  It is more than researching via a website, looking at buildings and grounds or simply asking friends and neighbours for their recommendation. We invite you to visit our College, understand our school culture and experience the atmosphere that sets Oxley apart. Discover how Oxley Christian College can meet the educational needs of your child.

2020 School at Work Information: Virtual Tours available

Enrolment: We are currently taking new enrolments for 2021 onwards.

General Comments: Oxley Christian College is located on magnificent grounds with gardens and large green areas for relaxation and play. As part of an ongoing building program, we are constructing a new Junior School this year that will be ready for occupation in semester 2 next year.

In offering a complete educational experience – from Early Learning to Year 12 – Oxley Christian College fosters a sense of community, security and belonging. Interaction between all year levels is supported as an important aspect of social responsibility and development.

Our state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre, known as Oxley Kids, offers the best in Long and Short Day Care, Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care. The Junior School has 3 streams from Prep to Year 6; while the Senior School encompasses 4 streams of Years 7 through 12. Students in Years 7-9 are part of the ‘Middle Years’, and students in Years 10-12 are part of the ‘Senior Years’.

Having an educational perspective embedded in the Christian tradition, we believe schooling always occurs within particular faith and cultural commitments, and that consequently there is no neutral or so-called pure form of education. Therefore, education shapes us and the ways in which we will go on to influence others. In addition, education should prepare us well for any version of the future and make us capable and compassionate participants in the world.

Embedded in the wider framework of a Christian education, Explicit Direct Instruction and Active Learning, is our major emphasis on the formation of the whole person. And so, we delight in God’s love for us through inspired learning.

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